Fujifilm presents FAZONE CB ultrasound at ECR

FUJIFILM Europe GmbH is pleased to exhibit its Premium Mobile Ultrasound Device, the FAZONE CB, at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) held in Vienna from 4 to 8 March. Fujifilm has created its first ultrasound system, the FAZONE CB, using the most up to date technology available and has produced an instrument which combines ease of use and superb image quality with „Anytime, Anywhere´´ mobility.

The unique CB operating console combines touch screen technology and physical buttons on one panel. This unique layout offers comfortable and intuitive operation. The wide, high quality LCD monitor allows easy viewing of the exceptional ultrasound images. High quality scans, matching those of top-end cart based systems, can be achieved with a single push of the automatic image adjustment button.

This Premium Mobile Ultrasound System, with its lightweight and fast boot-up time, will be at its most effective in environments where mobility and immediacy are required such as hospital Wards, the Emergency Room, Operating Theatre or on Home Visits.

„Historically, the design of compact ultrasounds has been focused primarily on portability. FAZONE CB is not only a high quality imaging tool but is also stylish in its appearance. We are very excited to introduce this cutting edge ultrasound system´´ says Tsuneo Sakai, Senior Vice President Medical Systems Division of FUJIFILM Europe GmbH. „Although FUJIFILM is a new player in the ultrasound arena we have some 30 years experience in the medical imaging field. Our digital X-ray capture heritage and commitment to our existing customers leave us confident of the benefits which the users of this unique new product will enjoy.´´

The FAZONE CB will be available throughout Europe during the Summer of 2010.

More information: www.fujifilm.eu

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